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The voice of Mexico is in its narrative trades. From the "laundry" to the reasoned chronicle, in our country the practice of "saying-what-he said" spreads. Thus, our history and our epics are transmitted through times and places.

The former vote is an old colloquial document, in whose art the interpretative values ​​of those who listen to “serious” anecdotal “confessions” are concentrated, and atone for them to dedicate their repentance, faith or grace, to some relevant deity.

Daniel inherited this trade from his father, and now he develops his own stylistic version. Who admires a former vote is a victim of that unstoppable influence that makes us all do what we do when we are "what we really are"; the morbid.

Stop being Mexican ...

Salto Personal is a product line dedicated to the exploration and search of acquired talent. Given the wide variety of trades generated in our country, we are interested in this issue and we begin the investigation.

Alfredo and Daniel Vilchis (father and son), devote their full time to the development of former votes. To this office correspond very peculiar cultural values, since it is, practically, a "trade of blame".

Former votes exist because there is remorse; to this Judeo-Christian "sport" belong also some atoning practices such as confession, penance and prayer.

Believers, unleashed by pleasure, need or human drive, fall into personal statements and regrets whose destiny needs to materialize into "something."

The former vote allows to give the sensation of "document" or "conclusion" to what had to be "taken out". Either a thank you or a promise, who downloads from himself in a former vote, meets a pending moral cycle. Thus, he feels relieved and - maybe - ready to "give it back" ...

Daniel Vilchis learned his father's trade, and has developed a clear style of how to perform his pieces. Now, in an updated version of the trade, exvoteros receive stories directly from the penitents, or seek inspiration in newspapers and printed news. A rumor, an important event (or not) can end up coded too, in a former vote. Memes?

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