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Shoe Production

Shoe Production
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From the approach of the project we began to look for a workshop whose production practices are not committed to the mass industry, a workshop that takes care of workers' happiness and values ​​the art of hand-making shoes and backpacks.

This search led us to two brothers who were born among the shoes, one is dedicated to development and creating new designs while the other is methodical and destroys hands and head in production.

Where there is trade there is faith; Leon, Guanajuato.

In this popular neighborhood there are three spirits; Faith, necessity and maquila. Assumed in this culture the Vallejo brothers they have begun to grow - again - their project of working leather.

In León, culture revolves around the trade and not vice versa. For the Vallejo brothers, this is more a challenge than an advantage; Its commercial purpose is to reach an artisanal creative standard and a quality invoice. And they don't have it easy.

Your business reality faces many adversities in the day to day of your project. Because being in the midst of so many technological dynamics, delivery demands and voracious competencies makes it difficult to "do it right".

However, the development of a direct and frontal human service has made its products seem “unique” in this very competitive context.

We were seduced by the use of sincerity as a tool and adherence to handicrafts as an added value of their products.

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