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Celia de San Blas Atempa

Celia de San Blas Atempa
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Turning 50 is a survival and learning event that not everyone can be proud of.

Celia López Morales appreciates the strength and satisfaction of reaching the half century with the experience necessary to share knowledge with the youngest women in her community.

San Blas Atempa is the municipal seat of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Its inhabitants call themselves as Binnizáa, descendants of the warrior race of the binigúla`sa`.

Celia stands out among the 18,406 inhabitants of San Blas. A self-taught embroiderer who learned to think in colors; the intermediate language between Zapotec and Spanish.

Observation is its methodology; the needle the instrument that takes her to reproduce from the shadow of a flower to the cosmogony of her people in a huipil. Olivia, her daughter-in-law, is in charge of plotting ideas on the web.

Celia's house is inhabited by women of all ages, she teaches them the art of combination, drawing and contemplation of nature. But the work is also celebration, the custom brings together the women of each family to make the gastronomic and decorative preparations, in this case, the 50 years of their teacher.

A party in San Blas is amazing. Between yellows and flowers, the women dance with hugs, laughter and a Oaxacanly admirable brotherhood.

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  • Jane Miranda: September 23, 2019

    How beautiful my aunt Celia looks, I loved the project, just the little detail of the music, but from there on out it was very nice, I hope you come back to my beautiful town to create more mini documentaries. Greetings.

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