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Natural clay sugar bowl from Oaxaca with face shape

Oaxaca natural clay sugar bowl with face shape - TOCO MADERA - Handcraft shoe from Mexico - Handmade shoe
$ 180.00 MXN

Sugar factory created and worked in San Marcos Tlapazola, Oaxaca by Valentina and the women of her family. Made with top quality 100% natural red clay, it does NOT contain lead or any type of chemical.

The process of creating this piece is unique, since the stone with which the clay is polished is a river stone inherited by many generations within the Valentina family. The process of its creation lasts approximately two weeks.

The natural clay with which it is created comes from the town of San Marcos, as well as the red tincture (slip) with which this clay is painted, which is collected from the skirts of the town's hill.

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